VFOE-LE-T-G18-Q4 is a pneumatic component launched by FESTO, which is widely used in the field of industrial automation. Its product quality has been at the leading level in the industry and won the trust and praise of many customers.

FESTO also focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development, and actively develops and promotes green environmental protection products, such as energy-saving pneumatic components, environmentally friendly electric components and solar cell modules. In short, FESTO is a company focused on providing comprehensive automation products and solutions, and has won wide market recognition for its high-quality, efficient products and professional services.


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FESTO is a comprehensive pneumatic electric drive technology supplier, focusing on industrial automation field. Pneumatic elements of FESTO are mechanical devices driven by compressed air that can be used to control and operate mechanical systems. These components include pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves, pneumatic motors, air source handling components, etc. Compressed air is usually used as a source of energy and has many advantages, such as high efficiency, easy control and long service life. The pneumatic components of FESTO are manufactured using advanced technology and materials to ensure their high reliability, durability and efficiency. These components are widely used in automated production lines, robotics, automated control systems and other fields. FESTO pneumatic components are a versatile and efficient solution for a variety of industrial applications, commonly used in assembly and material handling operations, packaging and labeling systems, and other automated manufacturing processes.

The pneumatic components of FESTO are widely used in the following fields:

Manufacturing: including automobile manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and other fields, the pneumatic components and automatic equipment of FESTO can be used for automatic control and operation on the production line.

Packaging and printing: The pneumatic components of FESTO can be used for the control of automatic packaging and printing machinery, improving production efficiency and quality.

Food and beverage: The pneumatic components and automation equipment of FESTO meet sanitary standards and can be used for automated operations on food and beverage production lines.

Logistics and Warehousing: The pneumatic components of FESTO can be used for the control and operation of logistics and warehousing automation systems.

Medical equipment: The pneumatic components of FESTO can be used for the automatic control and operation of medical equipment, such as surgical robots, ventilators, etc.

Energy and Environmental Protection: The pneumatic components of FESTO can be used in energy and environmental protection fields, such as wind hydraulic control systems, hydroelectric power stations, etc.

In short, FESTO’s pneumatic components and industrial automation products can be applied in various industries and fields of automatic control and operation, improve production efficiency and quality, reduce manual operation and cost. The products of FESTO show their talents, and the pneumatic technology is constantly expanding new application fields.


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