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Electrically and pneumatically operated directional control valves
A directional valve is used to change, open or block the flow direction of a medium in a hydraulic or pneumatic system. For this purpose, compressed air or a hydraulic fluid is normally used as the fluid in pneumatic drives. The valves differ in terms of the design of their control element, the number of switching positions and flow paths, and the type of actuation: There are mechanically actuated directional valves, pneumatically or electrically actuated directional valves.

Function of directional control valves
Directional control valves are used to block or open a medium in its direction of flow or to change the direction of flow. Directional valves have, for example, a compressed air connection and several ventilation connections for the respective work outputs. The designation of the valves – for example 3/2 or 5/3 directional valve – is derived from the number of connections and switching positions.

Directional control valves have the task of directing the compressed air or hydraulic fluid inside the valve:

to release
to lock
to change
Universal directional valves
Solenoid-operated directional control valves from Festo use the power of electromagnets to open and close valves. The electromagnet serves as a control module, which “opens” or “opens” the medium within a line. Close?? (NC / NO) switches. The current applied to the magnet actuates the valve, which, depending on the type of control, operates with direct, servo or forced control.

Suggested products from the Festo core range:

Universal directional valves
Standard directional valves
Electric or pneumatic directional control valves can be used to control actuators. Mechanically operated valves can be controlled with 12, 24, 110 and 230 V. Common variants here are, for example, 3/2 or 5/3 directional valves. One speaks of mechanically actuated directional control valves when the valve is switched, for example, by a button, a lever, a pedal or a spring. In contrast, pneumatic valves are controlled with compressed air.

Festo standard directional control valves are available with electric or pneumatic actuation.

Standard directional valves


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