What are the main characteristics of intelligent proportional valves?

2023-04-20 By DoskeeShop 0

Intelligent proportional valve is a high-tech product that uses advanced electronic technology combined with hydraulic control technology, and has many unique features and advantages compared to traditional proportional valves.

Higher precision and stability

Intelligent proportional valve adopts digital electronic control technology, which can realize more accurate control by digital signal, and can achieve higher control accuracy and stability. At the same time, the intelligent proportional valve also has a self-calibration function, which can automatically adjust the spool position and control signal to ensure that the output hydraulic flow and pressure are accurate and stable.

Faster response time and dynamic performance

With fast response, intelligent proportional valves can respond to control signals and adjust hydraulic flow and pressure in an instant to meet high-speed and efficient industrial automation and robotics applications. In addition, the dynamic performance of intelligent proportional valves is excellent, enabling fast adjustment and stable control to adapt to complex hydraulic system control requirements.

A wider range of applications

Smart proportional valves can not only control the speed and force of hydraulic motors and cylinders, but also realize various functions such as pressure control, flow control and direction control of hydraulic systems, which can be widely used in industrial robots, automatic production lines, metallurgical equipment, marine machinery, construction machinery and other fields. At the same time, the intelligent proportional valve can also be linked with other control devices and sensors to achieve a more intelligent control of the hydraulic system.

More convenient maintenance and management

The intelligent proportional valve adopts digital control technology and has self-diagnosis and fault detection functions, which can monitor the status of the hydraulic system in real time, diagnose the cause of the fault and quickly locate the fault point, making it easy to maintain and manage. At the same time, the intelligent proportional valve can also be remotely controlled and monitored through the network, making it convenient to realize remote data collection, analysis and management.

More energy saving and environmental protection

The smart proportional valve adopts digital control technology, which can realize precise control and avoid energy waste and environmental pollution, with high energy utilization and environmental performance. In addition, the intelligent proportional valve can also achieve energy recovery and reuse through throttling control and load sensing technologies, thus achieving more energy saving and environmental protection. The intelligent proportional valve can transmit the feedback signal to the controller, monitor and control the flow and pressure in real time to avoid unnecessary pressure and flow loss, and at the same time, it can use the pressure and flow inside the system to recover energy through loop feedback to improve the energy utilization rate of the hydraulic system and reduce the pollution of the system to the environment.

In addition, the intelligent proportional valve can also use advanced low-noise design and materials to reduce noise and vibration, reduce energy consumption and emissions, in line with the modern energy-saving and environmental protection requirements.

With a variety of advantages such as high precision, fast response, wide range of applications, easy maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent proportional valves are an important part of hydraulic system control and will play an increasingly important role in industrial automation, robotics, aerospace, energy and other fields。