What are the advantages of SMC pneumatic components in various industries?

2022-11-22 By DoskeeShop 0
Pneumatic transmission and control technology, referred to as pneumatic, is a technology that uses compressed air as the working medium to transmit energy and signals to realize various production processes and automatic control. It is an important part of the discipline of fluid transmission and control. In recent decades, SMC pneumatic transmission technology has been widely used in industrial automation and labor saving, and has played an extremely important role in promoting the development of automation.

SMC pneumatic components have many advantages in practical application:
1. Easy to use
As the working medium, air is ubiquitous and has convenient sources. After use, it is directly discharged into the atmosphere without polluting the environment. It is necessary to set up less or no return air duct.
2. The system is easy to assemble.
Quick connectors can be used very simply for plumbing, so system assembly, maintenance and component replacement are relatively simple.
3. Very fast.
The action is fast, the reaction is quick, and the required pressure and speed can be achieved in a short time. Under a certain overload operation, the system can work safely without overheating.
4. Safe and reliable
Compressed air will not explode and catch fire, and it does not require expensive explosion-proof facilities when used in flammable and explosive places. It can be used safely and reliably in harsh environments such as flammable, explosive, dusty, radiation, strong magnetism, vibration, and impact.
5. Convenient storage
The air pressure has a high self-maintaining ability, and the compressed air can be stored in the air storage tank and taken at any time. Even if the compressor stops running and the air valve is closed, the pneumatic system can still maintain a stable pressure. Therefore, there is no need for the compressor to run continuously.
6. Long-distance transmission is possible.
Due to the low viscosity and flow resistance of the air, the pressure loss of the air flowing along the pipeline is small, which is conducive to the centralized supply and long-distance transportation of the medium. Air is easily piped regardless of distance.
7. Capable of overload protection.
Pneumatic mechanism and working parts can be overloaded to stop, so there is no danger of overloading.
8. Clean
Basically non-polluting, it is extremely important for occasions requiring high purification and non-pollution, such as food, printing, wood, textile industries, etc. Pneumatics are uniquely adaptable and outperform hydraulic, electronic and electrical controls.