COVAL Unveils the Next-Gen CVGC: A High-Performance Upgrade for Collaborative Robots

2024-06-30 By DoskeeShop 0

In 2019, COVAL introduced its first CVGC carbon vacuum gripper, specifically designed for collaborative robots at a time when the market was just emerging. Today, with an ever-expanding market, COVAL is proud to launch the second generation of its gripper, enhancing modularity, compatibility, and performance.

COVAL’s CVGC Carbon Vacuum Gripper: A New Generation of Versatility

Not just an incremental update, COVAL has completely reimagined the CVGC carbon vacuum gripper, incorporating feedback from a wide array of stakeholders including customers, integrators, manufacturers, and operators. The new design also takes into account the evolving trends in the collaborative robot market, such as increased application diversity, a growing number of manufacturers, enhanced co-presence with human operators, and the ability to handle heavier payloads.

In response to these market dynamics, COVAL has developed a CVGC that offers multiple configuration options, ensuring high versatility. Customers can now tailor their carbon vacuum gripper to meet their exact specifications. The CVGC is available in three sizes (240×120 mm, 320×160 mm, 350×250 mm), with two types of gripping interfaces (foam or suction cups) and the option of an integrated vacuum generator.

The CVGC also boasts a selection of three mounting options and six connecting cables, ensuring seamless compatibility with all major brands of collaborative robots.

Equipped with a multi-stage vacuum pump, COVAL’s CVGC carbon vacuum gripper now delivers increased power. The enhanced power of the vacuum pump, combined with the lightweight carbon fiber casing that is 2.5 times lighter than steel and offers six times the strength, allows the gripper to handle heavier loads with ease.

This innovation addresses the growing demands of manufacturers and contributes to the CVGC’s versatility. The CVGC is designed to work in collaboration with operators, performing tasks independently, simultaneously, or in an alternating fashion. As a safety measure, the vacuum gripper features a guard made of flexible, durable material around its edges to protect operators in the event of any contact.

The various functionalities of the CVGC vacuum gripper, such as the display, vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, silencer, and connectors, are housed within a protective casing that shields them from impact and damage.

With its ultra-lightweight vacuum gripper, COVAL can transform any collaborative robot into a productivity and workplace health booster across a wide range of industries, including food processing, packaging, and plastics processing. COVAL’s design team is also available on request to develop customized vacuum grippers tailored to specific needs.

The CVGC stands as a versatile tool for manufacturers, integrators, and users of collaborative robots, suitable for palletizing, gripping boxes or plastic parts, and a multitude of other applications.