What are the main steps in cylinder selection?

2023-01-31 By DoskeeShop 0

Cylinder should be familiar to everyone, is a cylinder-shaped metal parts to guide the piston in the cylinder for linear reciprocating motion. Air in the engine cylinder through the expansion of thermal energy into mechanical energy; gas in the compressor cylinder to accept the piston compression and increase the pressure. At present, the cylinder is widely used in the field of social machinery manufacturing, the current demand for the cylinder is still very large, many enterprise users in the purchase of the cylinder selection of the main steps are what? The following rodless cylinder editor to give you a brief introduction.

1, the cylinder action mode selected: single-acting spring return, single-acting spring extension, double-acting

2, the cylinder bore selected: based on the cylinder load rate, calculate the theoretical output force, and then calculate the bore. Cylinder load rate is the cylinder actual output force and the cylinder theoretical output force ratio.

3, the cylinder stroke selection: according to the cylinder working distance and transmission mechanism to choose the cylinder stroke.

4, the cylinder series selection: according to the cylinder task requirements, select the cylinder series. For example: there is a lateral load, choose with guide cylinder; the installation space is compact, choose thin cylinder; complete the angle swing, choose swing cylinder.

5, the cylinder installation: according to the site installation conditions, choose the installation method. For example: foot type, rodless side flange, single ring, etc.

6, select buffer shape: according to the cylinder speed, noise control or buffer capacity requirements, select a different buffer shape. Buffer shape has no buffer, pad buffer, gas buffer, hydraulic buffer.

7, choose magnetic switch: magnetic switch is used to detect the position of the cylinder piston rod, divided into contact and non-contact magnetic switch.

8, the choice of cylinder accessories: according to the pistons