What is a cylinder?

2023-02-05 By DoskeeShop 0

A gas cylinder is a mechanical device that uses gas pressure to transmit power and execute motion. It consists of a built-in piston and a piston rod whose motion is driven by the pressure difference between the incoming and outgoing gas. Pneumatic cylinders are commonly used in industrial machinery and equipment, automobiles and various other devices.

The structure of a cylinder includes: cylinder body, piston, piston rod, seal, cylinder head, cylinder base and other parts. Piston movement is achieved by the pressure difference inside the cylinder. When the gas enters the piston side, the piston then moves outward and returns to the original position when the gas flows out from the other side of the piston.

The cylinder is divided into single-acting and double-acting two types. Single-acting cylinder can only be completed in one direction, and double-acting cylinder can be in two directions of movement. In addition, there are spiral cylinder, gear cylinder, air hydraulic cylinder and other different types of cylinders.

The selection and use of the cylinder depends largely on its use. Therefore, when selecting a cylinder, factors such as its working environment, movement speed, and power requirements should be considered. In addition, the installation and maintenance of the cylinder also need to be careful to ensure its proper operation.

In conclusion, cylinder is a very important and widely used mechanical equipment