Piab’s new piCOBOT-L vacuum pump unit lifts more with less

2023-02-12 By DoskeeShop 0

Piab has continued to evolve its piCOBOT program by adding a larger version. Developed for customers who work with small industrial robots and cobots, its high payload combined with a low building height enables maximum capacity usage.

Piab piCOBOT-L

With its lifting capability of up to 35 lb, the piCOBOT-L is particularly attractive for e-commerce, logistics, and warehouse applications and for assisting with lifting heavier items in production. It builds on the same technology platform as the original version and consists of a vacuum pump unit and an optional gripper unit. The vacuum pump unit is scalable and can be equipped with a varying quantity of the new COAX cartridge. Offering a significantly higher vacuum performance, it enables fast movement when lifting heavier items for high productivity in packaging, palletizing, part assembly, or machine tending.

Suitable for different end-effectors
Its high vacuum flow further facilitates the deployment of large Kenos foam grippers that can lift a broad variety of objects, from single large and heavy objects to a multitude of small objects simultaneously. The piCOBOT-L is also an excellent platform for customized end-effectors — either developed by Piab’s Custom Line specialists or by the customer or system integrator themselves. Due to the vacuum connection at the bottom of the pump, no extra cabling is required when attaching a different gripper unit.

Automatic tool changer
The piCOBOT-L allows manual gripper changes and dissembling of the tool from the pump unit. However, the requirement to speed up tool changes when needed called for an automated process to ensure continuous operations and the flexibility to deploy one solution for many different tasks at the lowest possible cost. Hence, the most important addition is its optional automatic tool changer combined with a docking station for further end-effectors. The automatic tool changer is equipped with a lever to lock or unlock the adapter plate of the end-effector. The lever can be opened and closed automatically by the docking station to remove a gripping unit from the cobot and pick up and connect a different one without human interference. Alternatively, the gripper switch at the tool changer can also take place manually.

The piCOBOT-L was developed with easy access to parts that may require cleaning. Accordingly, the ejector cartridges can be extracted in portions, and the vacuum stages can be cleaned where needed. The integration of dust protection filters further maximizes machine uptimes. Due to its IP65-compliant, robust pump body, long operation times are also realized in harsh environments.

Benefits for the customer at a glance:

  • Enables high-speed applications due to the newest COAX vacuum cartridges
  • Lifts more with less due to its high payload of 35 lb and low building height of just under 5 in.
  • Safe for direct human-robot collaboration with its rounded edges
  • High uptime even in harsh environments due to easy serviceability and IP65-compliant, robust body

Application areas:

  • E-commerce, warehousing, logistics
  • Packaging, palletizing
  • Production processes requiring assembly of heavier parts