Servo Motor is a pneumatic component launched by FESTO, which is widely used in the field of industrial automation. Its product quality has been at the leading level in the industry and won the trust and praise of many customers .


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ambient temperature [??C] -15 bis 40
Information about ambient temperature bis 80??C mit Derating -1,5%/??C
Max. setup height [MTR] 4.000
Information about max. setup height ab 1.000 m nur mit Derating von -1,0% pro 100 m
Bearing temperature [??C] -20 to 70
Relative humidity 0 – 90 %
Complies to standard IEC 60034
Heat class to EN 60034-1 F
Max. Wicklungstemperatur [??C] 155
Measurement class according to DIN 60034-1 S1
Temperature monitoring Digitale Motortemperatur??bertragung per EnDat 2.2
Motorbauform nach EN 60034-7 IM B5IM V1IM V3
installation position arbitrary
Protection category IP40
Information about protection category IP40 Motorwelle ohne RWDRIP65 Motorwelle mit RWDRIP67 f??r Motorgeh?use inklusive Anschlusstechnik
Rundlaufgenauigkeit, Koaxialit?t, Planlauf nach DIN SPEC 42955 N
Wuchtg??te G 2,5
Rastmoment < 1,0% vom Spitzendrehmoment Lebensdauer Lager bei Nennbedingungen [h] 20.000 Interface code Motor out 60P Electrical connection 1, connection type Hybrid plug Electrical connection 1, connection technology M23x1 Electrical connection 1, number of pins / wires 15 Degree of contamination 2 Material information LABS containing materials includedRoHs compliant Corrosion resistant class KBK 0 - No corrosion stressing Oscillation strength Transport use test with severity level 2 to FN 942017-4 and EN 60068-2-6 Shock resistance Shock test with degree of severity 2 to FN 942017-5 and EN 60068-2-27 Permission RCM markc UL us - Recognized (OL) CE certificate (see declaration of conformity) nach EU-EMV-Richtlinienach EU-Niederspannungs-Richtlinienach EU-RoHS-RL Certified awarding point UL E342973 Nominal operating voltage DC [V] 565 Winding switching type Star internal Polpaarzahl 5 Standstill torque [Nm] 1,24 Nominal torque [Nm] 1,10 Peak torque [Nm] 3,4 Nominal rotational speed [1/min] 3.000 Max. speed [1/min] 11.800 Max. mechanische Drehzahl [1/min] 16.000 Nominal performance motor [W] 350 Continuous standstill current [A] 2,7 Nominal current motor [A] 2,4 Peak current [A] 11,0 Motor constant [Nm/A] 0,45 Stillstandsdrehmomentkonstante [Nm/A] 0,53 Voltage constant phase-phase [mVmin] 32,0 Winding resistance phase-phase [Ohm] 4,85 Winding inductivity phase-phase [mH] 11 Wicklung L?ngsinduktivit?t Ld (Phase) [mH] 7,0 Wicklung Querinduktivit?t Lq (Phase) [mH] 8,2 Elektrische Zeitkonstante [ms] 2,7 Thermische Zeitkonstante [MIN] 41 Thermischer Widerstand [K/W] 1,1 Messflansch 250 x 250 x 15 mm, Stahl Total output moment of gyration [kg/cm2] 0,286 Product weight [g] 1.530 Permitted axial shaft loading [N] 70 Permitted radial shaft loading [N] 350 Rotor position transducer Encoder absolut multi turn Rotorlagegeber Herstellerbezeichnung EQI 1131 Rotorlagegeber absolut erfassbare Umdrehungen 4096 Rotor position transducer interface EnDat 22 Rotor position transducer measurement principle Inductive Rotorlagegeber Betriebsspannung DC [V] 5 Rotorlagegeber Betriebsspannungsbereich DC [V] 3,6 bis 14 Rotorlagegeber Positionswerte pro Umdrehung 524288 Rotor position transducer resolution [Bit] 19 Rotorlagegeber Systemgenauigkeit Winkelmessung [arcsec] -120 bis 120 MTTF, part component 190 Jahre, Rotorlagegeber MTTFd, part component 380 Jahre, Rotorlagegeber


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