Encoder Cable is a pneumatic component launched by FESTO, which is widely used in the field of industrial automation. Its product quality has been at the leading level in the industry and won the trust and praise of many customers .


FESTO Order Number:5219215

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Line designation Without sign holder
Electrical connection 1, function Field device screen
Electrical connection 1, design Angular
Electrical connection 1, connection type socket / container / ??.
Electrical connection 1, cable output straight
Electrical connection 1, connection technology Anschlussbild RE
Electrical connection 1, number of pins / wires 6
Electrical connection 1, occupied pin / wire 6
Electrical connection 2, function Control screen
Electrical connection 2, connection type Plug
Electrical connection 2, connection technology Anschlussbild RE
Electrical connection 2, number of pins / wires 6
Electrical connection 2, occupied pin / wire 6
Operating voltage range DC [V] 0 to 30
Cable length [MTR] 7,50
Line properties Cable track capable
Bending radius, moving cable placement [mm] >= 100 mm
Cable diameter [mm] 8,3
Cable set up 2×0,51+4×0,205
Conductor – nominal cross-section [mm2] 0,2050,51
Protection category IP20
Information about protection category In mounted condition
ambient temperature [??C] -40 to 80
Ambient temperature for moving cable placements [??C] -10 to 80
CE certificate (see declaration of conformity) nach EU-RoHS-RL
Material information LABS containing materials includedRoHs compliant
Cable sleeve material PVC
Cable shield colour black
Corrosion resistant class KBK 0 – No corrosion stressing
Insulation sleeve material PVC
Operating voltage range AC [V] 0 to 30
Electrical connection 2, design Angular
Electrical connection 2, cable output straight
Degree of contamination 3
Current carrying capacity at 40??C [A] 1,6
Surge voltage strength [kV] 2,00
Bending radius, permanent cable placement [mm] >= 83 mm
Test conditions line Test conditions on request
Housing material PVC
Housing colour Grey
Conductor nominal cross-section (AWG) AWG20AWG24


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