Rexroth and AVENTICS are two prominent brands in the field of industrial automation and fluid technology

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Rexroth and AVENTICS are two prominent brands in the field of industrial automation and fluid technology. While both are committed to providing high-quality products and solutions, they differ significantly in terms of product lines, application areas, and technical expertise.

1. Brand Background

Rexroth: Rexroth is a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, officially known as Bosch Rexroth. It is a global leader in drive and control technologies, offering a wide range of products and solutions in hydraulic systems, electric drives and controls, linear motion and assembly technology, and factory automation. Rexroth serves a diverse range of industries, including machinery manufacturing, automotive, mobile machinery, and aerospace.

AVENTICS: AVENTICS is a brand under Emerson, specializing in pneumatic technology and system solutions. It was formerly the pneumatic division of Bosch Rexroth and became an independent entity named AVENTICS in 2014. AVENTICS offers a broad range of pneumatic components and systems, serving industries such as industrial automation, food and beverage, medical technology, rail, and commercial vehicles.

2. Product Lines and Technical Expertise

Rexroth: Rexroth’s extensive product portfolio includes:

  • Hydraulic Systems: Industrial hydraulics and mobile hydraulics, including pumps, motors, valves, and accessories.
  • Electric Drives and Controls: Servo motors, inverters, drives, and motion control systems.
  • Linear Motion Technology: Rails, ball screws, and linear modules.
  • Assembly Technology and Material Handling: Assembly systems, material handling equipment, and automation solutions.

Rexroth’s core strength lies in its comprehensive drive and control technologies, providing end-to-end support from individual components to complex systems.

AVENTICS: AVENTICS focuses on the following product and technology areas:

  • Pneumatic Components: Cylinders, pneumatic valves, air treatment units, fittings, and accessories.
  • Pneumatic Systems: Standard and customized pneumatic control systems for various industrial automation applications.
  • Pneumatic Solutions: Industry-specific solutions, such as pneumatic systems for food and beverage, medical devices, and commercial vehicles.

AVENTICS excels in its focused expertise in pneumatic technology, offering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective pneumatic solutions.

3. Application Areas

Rexroth: Due to its wide product range and comprehensive technical capabilities, Rexroth’s solutions are applicable in numerous industries, including:

  • Factory Automation: Automated production lines and assembly systems in manufacturing.
  • Mobile Machinery: Hydraulic and control systems for construction, agricultural, and mining equipment.
  • Aerospace: Hydraulic and electrical control systems for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Automotive Industry: Automation for production lines, quality inspection, and assembly technology.

AVENTICS: AVENTICS specializes in pneumatic solutions for:

  • Industrial Automation: Pneumatic control systems for various machinery and production equipment.
  • Food and Beverage: Hygienic pneumatic systems for food processing and packaging.
  • Medical Technology: Pneumatic control systems in medical devices.
  • Commercial Vehicles: Pneumatic braking and suspension systems for trucks and rail vehicles.

4. Technological Innovation and Development

Rexroth: Rexroth continuously drives technological innovation, focusing on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Its open automation platform and smart manufacturing solutions help customers achieve digital transformation and increase production efficiency.

AVENTICS: AVENTICS emphasizes innovation through intelligent pneumatic systems and improved energy efficiency. Its advanced valve systems and smart pneumatic units significantly reduce energy consumption and enhance system performance.


Although Rexroth and AVENTICS both hold significant positions in the industrial automation field, they each have distinct focuses in terms of technical expertise, product lines, and application areas. Rexroth is renowned for its comprehensive drive and control technologies and integrated solutions, while AVENTICS stands out for its specialization and extensive experience in pneumatic technology. Choosing the right brand and solution based on specific application needs can significantly enhance production efficiency and system performance.