Difference between compact cylinder and standard cylinder

2023-02-06 By DoskeeShop 0

Compact cylinder is a kind of space-saving cylinder, which is characterized by small size, compact structure and can be installed in limited space. It has good impact resistance, can resist external impact, and has good durability. In addition, it also has higher efficiency, lower noise and more precise control. Compact cylinders can be used in industrial automation systems, mechanical equipment and mechanical devices.

The standard cylinder is a special mechanical element, which is composed of a fixed slider, a piston and a piston rod. It can produce corresponding mechanical action under the action of gas pressure. Its main purpose is to convert gas pressure into mechanical energy, which is often used to control the movement direction and speed of mechanical equipment. Generally speaking, the piston rod of the standard cylinder can reciprocate in a linear range under the action of gas pressure, thus realizing the control of mechanical action.

What is the difference between compact cylinder and standard cylinder?

1. The compact cylinder is small in size, small in volume and light in weight, and can be installed in a limited space. It has a compact structure, while the standard cylinder is large in size, large in volume and heavy in weight, and is not suitable for installation in a limited space.

2. The compact cylinder has short stroke and fast speed, which can achieve high-speed and high-precision control, while the standard cylinder has long stroke and slow speed, which cannot achieve high-speed and high-precision control.

3. The compact cylinder has low power and can save energy, while the standard cylinder has high power and large energy consumption.

4. The installation and maintenance of compact cylinder is easier, while the installation and maintenance of standard cylinder is more difficult.